NUU is an indoor winter festival of independent music and one of its characteristics is the atmosphere and tight relation between the musician and the public. I wanted to emphasize different aspects to design the logo, like the industrial location, the contrast between the warmth spaces and the cold outside and the diversity of places.
An industrial unit window is the image of this festival, an architectonical element that let you see and be seen. This squared element let me create a modular logo that will be different depending on the application, and is a good way to communicate the diversity of the festival.
In addition, a color gradient is used to produce the winter sensation of the warm lights in the houses meanwhile you are walking in the cold and dark street. Also, it’s a literal symbol of the show lights.
Finally, to present the places where the shows are going to take place, the logo is just the outline, so you can see the interior room inside the shape like a window.
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